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About Our company

Al Furat Refrigeration Devices Trading was established in the year 1988 to cater the high demand of the industrial refrigeration services with a professional touch. Though we commenced in a very ordinary profile we have achieved our position among the giants of the industry at an extraordinary pace. We are proud to be proven with a 25% of the total market share. The standing testimony of our customers is that one in every three mobile containers that ply the roads of U.A.E. bears the name sticker of Al Furat Refrigeration. We have cold rooms aged more than a decade been erected and well maintained by us in sound and satisfactory condition for our customer. We do ensure the ‘Right Temperature’ with the right maintenance of the customer relationship. Development was never hindered at Al Furat Refrigeration, as the encouragement of our customers and suppliers was abundant and adequate. We have professionals in each division who enjoys handling any sorts of requirement or circumstances that challenge their expertise. We have most modern technology and ultra modern machinery to support the human efficiency to bestow the best out of everything we do, that is more than business, we know. Besides, a few words about the other members of our family. We have a division into the cast aluminium industry who has successfully placed their position and maintaining a very good reputation in the market. Al Furat Aluminium Factory, who casts your dreams in aluminium, located in Umm Al Quwain. A very prospective division has recently commenced production to strengthen Al Furat Refrigeration, as we need to go a long way ahead. Al Furat Thermal Insulation Industry LLC., also located in Sharjah producing the polyurethane foam injected panels and other insulation profiles. The unit that is empowering and supportive to the refrigeration division but totally organised as an independent company as well. The new mandatory project of Thermal Insulation by the Government of Dubai has made it so significant from the very beginning of it.




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